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Visit European delegation 2008
Impressions of the visit
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Teachers from
Oostvaarders College, Netherlands
The Wolfert van Borselen Scholengroep Netherlands
Zeldenrust-Steelant college, Netherlands
Maasland College, Netherlands
Vechtdal College, Netherlands
Vrije Sint- Lambertusscholen, Belgium

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Coordinators of Christ Church and St. Xavier's College
They visited
1. Christ Church High School (Friday November 21th)
2. St. Xavier's Institute of Education (Saturday November 22th)
3. St. Xavier's Junior College (Saturday November 22th)
4. The Cathedral and John Connon School (Monday November 24th)
5. Jamnabai Narsee School (Monday November 24th)
6. Pawar Public School (Tuesday November 25th)
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The European teachers  felt very honored to visit the excellent and well organised schools.
They were overwhelmed by the motivation of the students and the enthusiasm of the teachers.

Thanks to Father Joe Saldanha, chairman EUMIND India,  for organising this visit that has led to several eJournal projects
Read more about the visit Read more about the visit
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