Quality care of online projects

  • Clear and detailed descriptions of the projects are sent to all schools to enable them to indicate their preferences online (April – May)
  • Matching of online projects is centrally arranged by chairpersons (April – June). 23 European schools with 50 classes and about 1275 pupils were matched with 30 Indian schools with 54 classes and 1190 pupils in the academic year 2014-2015
  • International coordination. Teachers who are experienced in running online projects are invited to take the international coordination of a project. International coordinators monitor and support school coordinators
  • Evaluation by students. Common on-line questionnaire. Group members evaluate the project and group leaders fill out the questionnaire (273 in 2015)
  • Evaluation by teachers. Common on-line questionnaire.
  • An international jury of approximatelly 15 members assesses the preselected articles and awards the best articles with a certificate of excellence. The criteria to assess the articles are known to the teachers and students. A preselection of the articles is done by the international coordinators.International jury members operate in pairs. Each pair takes one project (Values, Go green etc.). Members of the jury meet face to face or online to compare a few assessments. They assess all the preselected articles and in the end compare the outcomes

International jury assessing the research articles of students

Certificates of excellence (2015)

77 certificates of excellence have been awarded to 15 schools in the Netherlands. In India 19 schools got 92 certificates of excellence. In India all students were awarded a “Certificate of active participation”.

International jury assessing the research articles of students

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