Quality assurance

  • There are regular contacts between Eumind management in India and in Europe. Eumind has a common mission statement for European and Indian schools adopted by the member schools and annual newsletters are shared.
  • Networking in India and in Europe: schools share experiences during the annual Eumind network days in the Netherlands/ Belgium and Mumbai.
  • Mutual trust and friendship has grown between board members and teachers of schools that run bilateral exchange programmes.
  • Information. Flyers, website, regional and national Eumind network meetings.
School policy to make the school more international and global
  • Eumind projects are a strong element in school policy to make schools more international and global.
  • Sustainable integration of Eumind activities into the curriculum and school life. A growing number of schools in India and in Europe are linking the topics of online projects to the curriculum (see outcomes teacher evaluation 2015) and are using their Eumind activities to showcase the internationalisation of the school.
  • Certificates of excellence are appreciated highly and official functions are organised to present them to students
  • Eumind teams headed by a Eumind coordinator are established in nearly all schools
  • A few schools are creating portfolios in which Eumind projects are documented
Students of CSW vdPerre (Netherlands) taking part in 2014-2015 on-line projects and video conferences
Students of CSW vdPerre (Netherlands) taking part in 2014-2015 on-line projects and video conferences
Online projects
  • Matching of eJournal projects is centrally arranged by chairpersons.
  • Clear and detailed descriptions of the projects are provided for all schools.
  • International coordination is done by experienced teachers.
  • Tasks international coodinators
    • Coaching school coordinators and monitoring (progress reports, deadlines)
    • Updating front page of the project website.
    • Praise and stimulate students and teachers.
    • Coaching schools in organizing video conferences and moderating them.
    • Making a pre-selection of the best articles for the international jury.
  • Regular monitoring by international coordinators and Eumind management.
  • Evaluation is done on-line by students and teachers.
  • The results are sent to school coordinators and to international coordinators.
  • International coordinators get a certificate of appreciation (from 2014 onwards).
Mr. Stephan Meershoek (EPl/Nuffic) presenting certificates to international coordinators. 2014
Mr. Stephan Meershoek (EPl/Nuffic) presenting certificates to international coordinators. 2014
Video conferences

About 85 % of all schools running on-line projects take part in video conferences. Quality care:

  • Bilateral video conferences are held during school hours
  • The agenda is sent by the international coordinator and all video conferences are moderated

    Students Cambreur College enjoying Video conference
    Students Cambreur College enjoying Video conference
Certificates of excellence
  • An international jury of approximately 15 members assesses the articles
  • A set of criteria to assess the articles is available.(see link)


  • International coordinators make a pre-selection. Febr.
  • Meeting of international coordinators face2face (Bergeijk, the Netherlands) or online. Febr.
  • Each project has two jury members who assess the preselected articles and compare their assessments.
  • The list of awarded groups is sent to Eumind management.
  • Presenting certificates to students.
Evaluation of online projects

Central online evaluation by students: Each group has its group leader and each class has 5 to 6 group leaders. 273 group leaders filled out the evaluation online (2015). All outcomes are processed and sent to teachers.

QA_Evaluation students Regions2015_Graphics. 91 group leaders Regions project have filled in the questionnaire.

Central online evaluation by teachers. 65 teachers (29 Dutch and 39 Indian) have filled out the online evaluation (2015) ..All outcomes are processed and sent to all teachers.

Online Tools
  • Weebly (from 2015-2016 onwards)
  • Tutorial movies and demo website are available.
  • Video conferencing. Most schools use www.zoom.us.
    • Zoom sessions can be recorded and recordings are shared by way of Wetransfer.
    • Fixing time slots is done carefully by international coordinators, school coordinators and Eumind management.
    • Google Drive will be used more often to share documents.


Exchange programmes

Eumind management supports schools in finding a partner school for exchange programmes

A format sheet to prepare the exchanges with the partner school and a format sheet for students to report on the exchanges has been developed.

There is no central tool to evaluate the exchanges by students or teachers yet. Eumind is creating a set of criteria to test the quality of projects. (in progress)


International coordinators
International coordinators. India. 2014-2015
International coordinators. India. 2014-2015
International coordinators. Europe. 2014-2015
International coordinators. Europe. 2014-2015

Europe meets India Network