Online projects and videoconferences

Online projects and videoconferences

Schools in India and in Europe run online projects. They are matched in clusters of project groups according to the topic chosen. The number of students participating in online projects was about 2500 in 2015.


Eumind applies a format of clear research-focused project scenarios (Go Green, Regions, Values, Human Rights etc.) that cover broad general project themes which are divided into subtopics. Each subtopic has its main research question and its sub questions. The subgroups of the participating schools deal with the same subtopics. The Theatre, Arts drawing, and Poems projects follow a different scenario

The project scenario follows the same time table

  • Introduction of the group and division of tasks (September- October)
  • Research on the sub questions (November – January)
  • Comparison (January)
  • Evaluation and certification (End of January)

Most projects are for students aged 13-15. 16-18 year-old students can take part in the Human Rights project or in a project in French (Notre monde).

Matching projects 2014-2015

113 classes: 54 EU schools / 59 Indian schools

Matching projects 2015-2016

119 classes: 51 EU classes / 68 Indian classes

Matching projects 2016-2017. 

We welcome schools from Reunion

116 classes. 51  EU classes (Reunion schools included)    65 Indian classes

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