Euneos (a Finnish company and legal body of Eumind Europe) took the initiative to organise study visits of Finnish and Dutch schools to Indian schools in Panchgani and Mumbai in 2007.

Euneos founders Ilpo Halonen (left) , Ludo Mateusen (middle) and Pentti Pirhonen
Euneos founders Ilpo Halonen (left) , Ludo Mateusen (middle) and Pentti Pirhonen

Euneos and six Indian founder member schools agreed to establish the EUMIND network in 2008. First chairperson of India was Father Joe Saldanha (+). Fr. Joe passed away in 2010.

Fr. Joe_saldanha

Ms. Jessie Vas was elected by the Eumind network India as the new chairperson.

Ludo Mateusen, partner in Euneos, is chairperson Eumind Europe.

Jessie Vas and Ludo Mateusen
Jessie Vas and Ludo Mateusen

Several study visits with Dutch and Belgian principals and teachers were organised in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011and 2012 by Euneos and chairpersons from India visited Dutch, Belgian and Finnish schools

The networks expanded rapidly. Schools from Pune, Karnataka, Panchgani joined the Maharashtra network. A Delhi branch of Eumind was started in 2012 and Desmond d’Monte became chairperson.

Mr. Desmond D'Monte; chairperson Eumind Delhi network
Mr. Desmond D’Monte; chairperson Eumind Delhi network

In 2015 there were 42 schools in India, 37 schools in the Maharashtra network and 5 in the Delhi network.

Eumind Europe has 27 member schools in the Netherlands, 3 in Denmark, 1 school in Belgium and 1 German school (2015).

Euneos and Dareic Reuion  (La Délégation Académiques aux Relations Européennes et Internationales et à la Coopération de l’Académie de La Reunion (Ministry of Education of Reunion) have agreed that seven schools of Reunion Island take part in online projects and Videoconferences 2016-2017. Coordinator in Reunion is ms. Marjorie Coste, head of Dareic Reunion.

The number of students participating in online projects has risen spectacularly from 250 students in 2008 to 1200 in 2010 and finally 2500 in 2016. Altogether about 10.000  students have taken part since 2008.


From 2008-2015 1.350 students have participated in exchange programmes.

The first bilateral exchanges took place in 2008 already. Lambertus Scholen (Belgium) invited 70 Indian students from 5 schools to the India Day (May 2010). This event has boosted the exchanges. On 1 June 2014 the 1000th exchange student from the Maharashtra network was welcomed. We expect to celebrate the 2.000 exchange student in autumn 2016.

Teachers’ mobility has also grown. 209 teachers have accompanied students on exchange programmes and 99 have visited partner schools (June 2015)

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