New schools 2016-2017

We welcome new schools to the Eumind network


Ludo Mateusen (Euneos/ legal body Eumind Europe) has agreed with the French Ministry of Education of Reunion (French overseas territory) that eight schools of Reunion are going to  participate in 2016-2017 projects.

Overall coordinator in Reunion  is Ms. Marjorie Coste, responsible for the international relations of the Ministry of Education in Reunion.

Lycée Pierre Lagourgue catering  for students 16-17 y.

Lycée Francçois de Mahy catering  for students 16-17 y.

Collège Henri Matisse catering  for students 13-15y.

Lycée Roland Garros catering  for students 16-17 y.

Collège Deux Canons catering  for students 13-15 y.

Lycée Sarda Garriga catering  for students 16-17 y.

Lycée Evariste de Parny catering  for students 16-17 y.


Euro School, Airoli

Jamnabai Narsee International School

Jbcn International School, Borivali

Nahar International School, Chandivali

Vibgyor High School, Pune


SG Reigersbos, Amsterdam

St. Nicolaaslyceum, Amsterdam

Regionale SG ’t Rijks,  Bergen op Zoom