General information on exchanges

Eumind schools apply the format of reciprocal exchanges with host family stay in both countries.

In 2015 400 students of Eumind schools in India and Europe took part in an exchange programme and stayed with host families.

The main aims why schools organise exchanges are:

  • To acquire  knowledge of other cultures and of the history and socio-economic situation of the other country
  • To learn from the intercultural experience and to reflect on their own culture
  • To develop social skills and confidence
  • To raise awareness of world citizenship
Exchange. Lambertus Scholen (Belgium). India Day
Exchange. Lambertus Scholen (Belgium). India Day


Exchange Jan van Brabant (Netherlands)  - Lil. Podar (Mumbai) and Pawar PSPune
Exchange Jan van Brabant (Netherlands) – Lil. Podar (Mumbai) and Pawar PSPune
Exchange_BalBharati_Danish schools. 2014
Exchange_BalBharati_Danish schools. 2014

Community service

Students from Wolfert van Borselen school (Rotterdam- NL) and four other Dutch schools have rendered Community Service at the REAP foundation in Mumbai.

Quality assurance

Eumind promotes a programme with a balance between excursions, working in mixed groups on a common theme, presenting to other classes, workshops, attending lessons, cultural presentations. The focus is on the learning experience at school and in the host families.

A format to prepare the exchanges with the partner school and a format for students to report on the exchanges has been developed.

Reports have been made by students occasionally (see links).

There is no central tool to evaluate the exchanges by students or teachers yet. Eumind is creating a set of criteria to test the quality of projects. (in progress)

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