Europe meets India

Network of schools in India and Europe to promote intercultural learning, global citizenship, social responsibility and ecological awereness.

 India Day  Westerlo Belgium. May 2010.  Start of the Eumind exchange programme

Visit to the European Parliament in Brussels
Visit to the European Parliament in Brussels

 Internet based projects. 13-17 y. old students
Students conduct research with the help of project scenarios, publish articles on a common platform and communicate through Video conferences.
Every year about 2500 students are involved.
Exchanges of students. 15-17 y. old students.
Many Eumind schools organize educational exchange programs. Eumind has celebrated the 1000st exchange student in June 2014.
About 350 students took part 2014-2015.

Eumind flyer (december 2016) to view / download


Youtube Eumind dance (released 21 June 2015)


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